About US

Like so many people, you want footwear that look and feel great, but you're also looking for something more than just comfort and style. You want great footwear, and accessories that also support socially-minded initiatives and that can be really hard to find.

You know that small actions can make a big difference, which is why you need clear and effective ways to empower people through the footwear you choose to buy.

After all, you should feel good about what you put on your feet.

Kwame Baah understands just how hard it is for people to find unique, ethically made footwear and accessories, and we're working hard to change that reality.

Produced in Ghana, Kwame Baah supports local makers to handcraft a beautiful selection of quality footwear designed to last, so you can make a unique fashion statement that also affects real, positive social change.

Kwame Baah works directly with Ghanaian makers, training them to handcraft his beautiful footwear and paying them a living wage. By giving these talented craftsmen steady work and a proper income, Kwame Baah works to fight poverty and build stronger more united communities.

Kwame Baah’s founder, George Kwame Baah, is committed to finding a way to empower artisans while also creating a positive impact on the world for all. He seeks to bring awareness to the great artisans and makers in his homeland. And his drive is to make a positive impact on the world for all.

Just pick your perfect pair from our selections and we’ll ship them straight to your home. You’ll get shoes you love, all while helping to empower more people and making the world a better place.