Kwame Baah: The Coolest Footwear on Earth

Posted by Kwame Baah on on Oct 23rd 2022

The average American has 20 pairs of shoes at any given time.

Maybe you have more than that, or maybe you have only three pairs in your closet. Either way, maybe you’ve looked in your closet and decided that it was time to switch out some old pairs for the newest and coolest footwear on Earth.

But how do you even start doing that? You'll want to read this guide to learn more about buying footwear as well as to learn more about Kwame Baah - your soon-to-be newest footwear!

So what are you waiting for? Get reading!

How to Choose the Right Footwear for You

When it comes to choosing and buying footwear that you actually want to wear, you need to ensure that you are getting shoes that you will continue to wear until they either fall apart or you lose them.

But where do you begin? How do you know what type of footwear to get?

Let's dive into the steps for finding the right shoes for you!

1. Check the Foundation

You don't want to get shoes that don't have a good foundation. If you do that, you won't be as comfortable as you could be. In addition to that, it may end up hurting you down the road if there is not enough support in the shoe or sandal design.

2. Focus on Arch Support

In addition to a firm foundation and support around the entire shoe, you also want to make sure you have the right arch support as well.

While everyone's foot is different, focusing on the arch support will ensure that you get a shoe that works for your specific foot. Having the correct arch support can prevent a lot of different joint issues and problems from occurring in the future. 

3. Check the Comfort Level

Before you buy shoes, it's best to read reviews if you are buying online or try them on if you can in stores. Just because your best friend has a pair, or they come in your favorite design or color doesn't mean they are the right shoe for you.

The last thing you want is to buy a pair of cute shoes that you can never wear because they give you blisters, or you can't even walk without your feet or legs hurting.

You want the right size as well as the right width for your foot.

If you could try on the shoe, make sure you have some wiggle room near the toes for ultimate comfort!

4. Get Rid of Worn Shoes

If you notice that your shoes are wearing down over time, it is best to stop wearing them. Even if they were the most amazing shoe when you first got them, the support and the comfort may wear off, which leaves you with no support. This could end up harming you instead of helping you!

At this point, it's best to find new sustainable footwear so you don't hurt yourself. 

Why You Need to Add Kwame Baah to Your Closet

Now that you know how to buy the right footwear for your feet, it's time to learn more about some of the coolest shoes out there: Kwame Baah.

Why are these so great? What makes these so unique and different from most of the other options out there? Let's look!

They Are Super Fashionable

All pairs of our shoes are fashionable. They are trending in the best ways possible.

Not only can you find your favorite types of sandals in our shop, but you can also find so many different colors that you will love!

Do you need a sporty and stylish pair of sandals? We have you covered!

Need a pair of fun sneakers? We can do that, too!

They Offer the Perfect Amount of Support

In addition to being fashionable, our shoes also offer the support that you need.

Most of our shoes have arch support to support different types of feet, so it molds to your foot. Not only that, but if you have a wider foot, we have shoes that are great for that as well!

They Are Made Sustainably

Most of us these days are more aware of shopping sustainably. We don't want to increase our carbon footprint every single time we make a purchase.

Luckily, if you choose to buy footwear from Kwame Baah, you will be doing it sustainably.

Purchases Support People

In addition to being sustainable, a purchase from Kwame Baah means you are supporting a local maker from Ghana who handcrafted your footwear. You know your money is going toward something (or someone) great - and you get a unique pair of shoes from it as well!

You'll be helping to improve intense poverty as well as empowering communities in Ghana. 

The Coolest Footwear of All Time

Now that you know more about buying footwear as well as what the coolest footwear of all time is, you can get shopping for your very own pair!

There's no point in waiting to get your newest pair of shoes into your closet so you can start wearing them out and about to show them off!

If you are ready to get the coolest pair of shoes that you've ever had (and a pair that is comfortable as well as sustainable), then it's time for you to check out your options!

Take a moment to browse our products here at Kwame Baah! Happy shoe hunting!