Traditional Kente cloth slip on sandals for most occasions

Posted by Kwame Baah on on Apr 5th 2022

The Kente collection by Kwame Baah consists of colorful slip-on sandals, handmade with a passion for footwear. In this unique collection, you will find sandals for men, women, and children that are suited to a wide variety of situations. Our sandals are of high quality and made with the well-being of people and the environment in mind.

Summer is on its way and hopefully the temperatures will soon catch up. On a hot day, your feet only want one thing: fresh air! You also want to look trendy. Our Kente cloth slip-on sandals are cool, comfortable, and stylish! They go on easily and make you feel like you're walking on clouds. Now that we’re all slowly getting back to normal and going out more, it is the perfect time to show off a style that will not only make you but the people around you smile! Here's how to style Kwame Baah Kente cloth slip-on sandals with an array of summer outfits.

How to style Kente cloth slip on sandals:

In summer 2022, flat slip-on sandals are expected to take the spotlight even more than they did in 2021. The vibrant colors and snazzy designs of the Kwame Baah collection will make your ensemble truly shine. Our Kente cloth sandals will complement nearly any style and length of dress or skirt. You can keep your clothing more neutral in color and pattern to let our colorful sandals be the eye-catcher or have fun choosing one or more colors in your outfit which are all pulled together by the colors in the sandals. When you buy a pair of Kente cloth sandals, we include an informational card that explains the ancient meanings behind the colors and patterns. Let your sandals be a conversation-starter that shows you not only have style but a deeper artistic and cultural awareness.

Style Kente cloth slip on sandals with pants: for men

Are you looking for ways to style sandals with pants? There are a couple of stylish options to play with when styling Kente cloth slip on sandals with pants. First, the everyday look. Look for regular-fit jeans with a plain T-shirt tucked into your pants. Top this off with a pair of black Kente sandals, and you’ve created a minimalistic look that will work well in any situation.

For the second look, we’re discussing a more relaxed outfit. Are you heading to the beach or strolling around town? Style your Kente cloth slip on sandals with shorts and a T-shirt. Make sure to pack a hoodie for the late, colder hours. The hoodie will add a sporty look, while the open shoes will create a summery look. If your whole outfit exudes comfort, you’re good to go.

Finally, a slightly neater look. Wear our Kente cloth slip on sandals under a linen suit to create more of a business look. Go for creative colors and look beyond navy blue. For example, a green linen suit or beige chino pants with a white T-shirt is perfect for the summer. It’s chic look that you can rock anytime and anywhere. It is a refreshing upgrade from the standard suits you’ll see around you this summer, and our slip on sandals will give you an extra flare of unique style. 

Style Kente cloth slip on sandals with pants: for women

Sandals are not only suitable for wearing in the summer. In the past, sandals had to have as many straps as possible, but in 2022, the “old-fashioned” dad sandals are a real trend. The more comfortable, the better. This year, the goal is not just to look good, but especially to feel good! That's why Kwame Baah is committed to designing not only beautiful but also comfortable and easy to wear shoes.

As a woman, you can quickly and easily pair sandals with any pants. Sandals with a thicker sole look great under pants, but also under short or three-quarter length pants. If you’re wearing skinny jeans, simply fold the pipes to expose your ankles and create a more summery look. Our Kente slip on sandals are available in beautiful colors, but if you’re more drawn to basics, we’ve got you covered as well with our black slip on sandals for women. 

Children love our sandals! Here’s why

Kids love sandals. Not just because they are comfortable, but mainly because children can quickly and easily put on or take off sandals themselves. This is convenient for you as a parent, for your child, and for the supervisors at school. However, it is not surprising that you do not let your child go to school in sandals just like that. You want to make sure that the sandals provide enough support and don't slip off their little feet too easily. No worries, because with the Kente cloth collection we have thought of everything.

The sole consists of a sturdy and flexible rubber and all sandals come with an ankle strap. This ensures that the sandals stay in place, even when your child is busy running around in the playground. The straps of our sandals are handmade by local craftsmen in Ghana. Buying Kwame Baah shoes is therefore not only good for your mood and your wallet, but also for the world. 

How to create a positive influence on the world with our sandals

First, it is important to understand that all our shoes are handmade. This results in slight differences in color and color patterns from the pictures on our website. Each pair of sandals is unique, which means that there is no one walking around who has the exact same shoes as you.

To make unique sandals, it is essential to take good care of the staff. We distinguish ourselves by working together with local craftsmen in Ghana, who receive a living wage for their work. This allows them to build a normal life for themselves and their families. Kwame Baah does not stop at simply paying employees well. We like to go the extra mile to make sure that the people in our company are truly happy. We do this for example by offering free housing for employees who live far away from their workplace. This makes it easier and, in some cases, even possible for these people to go to work.

Help communities thrive while shopping for footwear!

The idea of our company is simple. We want to make quality, fashionable shoes that make people happy on all levels. Our customers benefit from optimal comfort, proven durability, and beautiful colors and designs, while opposite them our employees are given the opportunity to further develop their talents, while earning a living wage.

Your fashion choices matter. Choose Kwame Baah and work with us to improve entire communities, while enjoying comfortable and well-made shoes. Buy a pair of Kente cloth sandals, so you can look good, feel good, and do good!

The Kente Cloth Slip On Sandals are not the only shoes in our unique collection. Curious about our full collection? Click here and start improving the world today with a simple purchase.