Unique sandals with social responsibility

Unique sandals with social responsibility

Posted by Kwame Baah on on Mar 19th 2022

Sustainability is a concept that cannot be ignored in our society today: the world is becoming more conscious. So is the fashion industry, and therefore the footwear industry. Existing companies are taking a more critical look at their footprint, and new brands are emerging with the goal of producing completely sustainable and even vegan products. At Kwame Baah, we are trying to make daily choices that are more conscious. Since our beginning, we have been creating one-of-a-kind sandals that are both comfortable and stylish to support social responsibility.

What makes sustainable sandals sustainable?

Sustainable shoe brands apply sustainability in every possible way in the production process of a shoe. It starts with good working conditions for the makers of the shoe, but also the use of sustainable materials where, among other things, animal welfare plays a major role. Responsible choices are also made in the further production and distribution process of the shoe to reduce the impact on the earth as much as possible to prevent further depletion of our planet. For example, thought is given to waste processing, reuse of waste residues and recycling of used products and/or parts of these products.

Kwame Baah sandals combine comfort and style with social responsibility.

Like many people, you want to buy footwear that not only looks and feels great, but is made responsibly as well. You are looking for quality, but also support socially minded initiatives. To find a perfect combination can be hard, but not if you are shopping at Kwame Baah. Small actions can make a big difference, and that’s why it is important to look for clear and effective ways to empower people with the footwear you choose to buy.

Kwame Baah understands how hard it is to find unique, ethically made accessories and footwear, and we are working hard to change that. The sandals of Kwame Baah are produced in Ghana. We support and select local craftsmen to handcraft beautiful quality footwear, designed to last. With our sandals, it is possible to make a unique fashion statement that contributes to positive and real social change. We work with Ghanaian artists directly, training them to handcraft quality footwear and paying them a proper amount of money for their services. This way we can fight poverty together while building stronger communities on comfortable footwear.

An ethical responsibility to take care of each other.

Inequality in the world is painfully visible today. Mostly because of fast-growing technology that allows us to look further without leaving our homes. This is a good thing, because it makes everyone more aware of the products they buy or use on a daily basis like footwear, accessories, and clothes. We feel like it’s our ethical responsibility to take care of others. That’s why we aim to make a big difference in the lives of our employees. The artisans we work with earn a steady and sufficient income. This allows them to create a future for themselves and their families.

Working at Kwame Baah Shoes is all about connection and understanding. By making personal contact with our employees on a periodic basis, we can stay aware of their needs. In addition, we learn about how to make our business more convenient and profitable for everyone constantly. For example, at Kwame Baah Shoes, we provide free accommodations for employees that desire to stay on the compound. This allows them to travel to their workplace faster, since many have a long way to travel home. In addition to offering free accommodations, we enable our employees to develop their skills while working with us.

The well-being of our employees is of upmost importance to us. We believe that everyone has a right to create the ability to live self-sufficient and dignified lives. To do exactly that, we need the help of our ambassadors worldwide. When all of you enjoy the comfort and fashion of wearing our footwear, you also enjoy the knowledge that the lives of entire families in Ghana have been improved because of you. If you are looking for a way to help the world by making simple choices, we recommend you choose Kwame Baah Shoes.