Fashion with Purpose: How your shoes can make an impact with Kwame Baah Footwear

Posted by Panashe-Wishpond on on Mar 27th 2024

Imagine if every step you took in your shoes could help fight poverty, preserve cultures, and protect this beautiful planet.This isn't just a dream — it's the mission of founder George Kwame Baah.Kwa … read more

Kwame Baah: The Coolest Footwear on Earth

Posted by Kwame Baah on on Oct 24th 2022

The average American has 20 pairs of shoes at any given time.Maybe you have more than that, or maybe you have only three pairs in your closet. Either way, maybe you’ve looked in your closet an … read more

How to Find the Most Comfortable Women’s Sandals for Summer

Posted by Kwame Baah on on Jul 2nd 2022

Are you in the market for comfy, well-made, high-quality sandals that you can wear every day in the summer? Sandals are an essential fashion choice that you can wear with shorts, jeans, dresse … read more